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Advice for future updates

I have very few peeves with my Nokia 8, performance is amazing but there are software issues or a lack thereof.

Firstly, we need a pause video recording button like the Xperia devices. I'd also like a toggle for OIS/EIS built into the camera app for both Video and Picture mode.

Second, we need better noise reduction in pictures, surely the 13MP dual cameras and the Snapdragon 835 processor can take better pictures, I suggest porting the Google Pixel camera app or at least give us a similar improvement to the current Camera Pro app. Camera focus is also slow and buggy and the camera often refocus during video recording causing blurred video.

Third, Miracast, I know it's been removed since Android 7.1.1 by Google due to their Chromecast devices. Surely this can be made available to enable through developer options or at least offer a third party Nokia app for Miracast. It's a feature I miss the most from my Xperia Z2.

Fourth, I hope to see more improvements to the current software overall, stock android is great but we want more control over it, unlock more settings like the Google Pixel devices have.

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Fifth, please add screen recording to the screenshot feature, also a built-in feature on my Xperia Z2

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