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Bluetooth Audio - multipple issues

Hi - I know this issue(s) has been repported several times, and for many handset models - and does not seem to get any attention from HMD - But I hope repeated repporting will somehow help :-/ (There are other issues too reported with BT Audio/Connectivity - but I can only repport what is happening with my equipmet combo)

I use different bluetooth audio equipment - and all is behaving differently, but none is working like it should with Nokia phones.

  1. Bose QC35-II - Drops audio frequently (0.5 - 2 seconds drop) - Headset will not report disconnected phone, and Spotify continues to stream when audio is returned, so I don't think it is disconnected - just Audio dropout - Also audio quality is intermittent bad (Spotify with offline music with "Very high" quality seting in Spotify)
  2. CardoSystems Packtalk (MC Helmet intercom) - Extremly distorted audio - Totally unusable
  3. Car Stereo (Integrated) - Poor audio quality (Not unusably bad, but poor)

All external equipment has latest Firmware (and several updates, without change) - And the faults has been unchanged for the latest updates of the phone.
I have tested all equipment with several phones (Huawei/Honor/Motorola (X and Z series - Android 7 and 8)/Sony/Samsung) - and all equipment is working OK with all other phones.

I have tested all equipment with one other Nokia phone (Not too many of my friends want to buy a Nokia from HMD - As i've not been the best ambasador) - and it has the same issues. - I've tested every trick I've found online about this issue (mostly stuff in Developer options) - Also Reset all BT and Wifi settings (PITA) to no avail.

Is it possible to get a confirmation that the issues are looked into by HMD Global? - (Nokia mobile care app  Support Chat is useless).

I love the design, battery life and the near stock android, frequent security updates, etc - but this is a deterrent for buying Nokia from HMD Global - because it shows HMD's commitment to solving issues with their products.

Please - look into (and fix) Bluetooth audio issues.

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