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My battery drain

My Nokia 7 plus battery drain

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I am facing no fast charging and battery drain issue after June update. Nokia must fix this issue in July update.

yes even am also facing the same

Check the july update and revert..

Situation is worse after july update, losing over 30% of charge overnight with mobile data etc turned off
Why you guys always have problem? There's no battery drain or any other problem first uninstall unnecessary apps like ram cleaner, battery saver, app locker, security apps. My phone working great from the day of purchase don't know people always complain so many issues in community meanwhile i don't even have single problem here
Yes. There is a way to manage the issues with the battery life. Control the applications which are running in the background. Restrict them. Then with moderate usage of phone you'll get a life of almost 2 days with a single charging of upto 95%, that too with the developer preview 4 of Android P.
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