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WhatsApp & Nokia 8110 4G

A big hint has been given by Nokia that Kaistore will get a WhatsApp compatible app as read from

To be honest, I don't really see it currently possible, since a phone doesn't have push notifications. Without that feature, it would drain the battery very quickly.

I can't get into any details, but don't lose your hope with WhatsApp. And regarding push notifications, I believe it does have them:

But, as I'm curious about this I'll try them to see if they work and how do they work.

So for the Indian users with a JioPhone: Did you get Whatsapp? Actually it should be already on 15. August in the store.

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@Jannis is correct. Jio phones should of got Whatsapp on 15 August. Can anyone verify if this has happened.
I have googled a bit and it seems its still not available for the JioPhone. just imagine the users of the phone buying it at release, and one month later WhatsApp is still not available.
Looks like Jio Phone just announced they have WhatsApp in there store from today.
Seems WhatsApp is out for Jio phones :-) Hopefully not long now for all the other KaiOS powered phones
Yes, you are right concerning the JioPhone . But I have also read some worrisome news like this one:"KaiOS is available on a handful of other devices, including ones from Alcatel and HMD Global (Nokia), but it’s not entirely clear whether WhatsApp will be made available on those devices at some point in the future."
It should be available because of the Tweets by Juho Sarvikas put out at the time of the initial announcement of the Jiophone 2 and WhatsApp.

Keith, Nokia really don't seem to care much about the Nokia 8110 and the user. Rather they focus on the Android phones. So I would put no value to what a Nokia employee tweets.

We'll have to wait and see. We should also be asking KaiOS the same question. Aren't they responsible what goes in the KaiOS store?

yes please make it happen PLEASE !!!! whatsapp on my nokia 8110 4g

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I wait also for whatsapp!! But, PLEASE, resolve the basic problem of this phone, writing sms is REALLY TERRIBLE! Annoy you to the fullest! I write this because I care about this phone, I love Nokia! Classic phones are the real deal.

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