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Headphone remote not working properly


I have a Nokia 8 phone and AKG N20U headphones. The headphones have a little remote control thingie in the middle of the wire with controls for play/pause, volume and a mic. It also has a switch to change between android and iphone (MFI) compatibility. 

Now the headphones work just ok, but the remote does not. This is a Nokia 8 specific problem since the remote works with other android phones just fine, tested with Samsung A5 and Sony Xperia Z2 by trying to change volume and play/paues the track in Spotify. To be more specific, the play/pause(/answer call?) button seems to be working but the volume controls do not with my Nokia 8. 

If this is just a protocol implementation issue, please add the functionality within some update. Thank you.

- Petteri

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