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Nokia 7plus update

I'm trying to update to beta Is the any news for ota update for android Phone beta

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If you are talking about the Android P beta then Go to this Nokia developer link I would advise not to update to the Android P beta as Nokia 7 Plus should receive the Android P stable version once it's released on August....for the Google pixel...... maybe at the same time Time or few months later..... Beta versions are very unstable....(Nokia 7 Plus beta is not stable as the Google PIXEL beta) If you are not a developer please don't upgrade to a beta version as can cause problems
If you are taking about the Android P beta...... Then just search for "Android P beta" on Google You will get the "Android P beta devices" on it Then find Nokia 7 Plus on the Page and click on "GET THE BETA" Link You will be then directed to the Nokia Android P beta page then follow the instructions I would advise you to not to upgrade to a beta version of Android P as it's very unstable and can cause problems if you are not a developer don't try it Also The beta update cannot be installed via OTA The status stable version will be available as an OTA update Please follow "Juho Sarvikas" on Twitter for the latest Nokia news
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