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[Download] Stock Nokia Apps - Chinese version

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Download Link: Mega

Via: XDA DevelopersNokia 6 forum

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I saw this posted on XDA via a Nokia news site (can't remember which one). How does anyone know that these apps are safe and have not been tampered with? I personally don't want to test apps from an unknown source, I think that's how my Lumia got bricked.

I assume that these apps have been produced by Evenwell Digitech, an FIH (Foxconn) company because this is the company that produced lots of the stock apps in the Global versions of HMD phones. (Look under Storage>Android>Data and you'll see their name on apps as com.evenwell). They have a website which has some broken links to some apps on Google Play under the com.fihtdc identities. There is a page on Google Play for Evenwell Digitech but I don't know if these apps are com.fihtdc or com.evenwell.

So, I've searched for how to find these stock Chinese APKs from a more trustworthy source than someone on XDA, but I can't. Has anyone else found them on an app store?

Cheers :)

I'm the XDA member who posted this and is that Nokia news site. These apps were extracted directly from the Chinese variant of a Nokia phone. No other alterations were done. Google Play Protect scanned them and reported no warnings. Yeah, most of the Nokia apps are developed by Evenwell. 

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Thanks for explaining and for sharing your hard with. I'd still prefer it if HMD could make these apps available from an official source, it's a shame we have to get them via XDA.
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