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Enable Volte, private lte


I'm working on deploying a private 4g network I have a couple phone working on it with volte and want to get the Nokia 3 to work.
I have set the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode and created an apn with apn type: ims but i dont see the mobile doing the pdn connectivity request any ideas why?



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My Nokia 3 don't even have Enhanced 4G LTE mode option, I have the latest system update. It is frustrating because the specs said that it support VoLTE
I think VoLTE supported in Nokia 3 is not for all country, there is no way out, the support people is really not understand the problem,l

The Nokia 3 does have support for VoLTE, the problem is that for some reason I don't understand just yet, there looks to be a file added by the Manufactures and Google called apns-conf.xml. This file lists the various APNs that the phone is preconfigured to allow. So if the Nokia 3 has an APN with ims as the "APN Type" your good to go, otherwise the phone won't try to do VoLTE.

I work for a private network provider so this is starting to get pretty frustrating to find a handset that we can say that we support.

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