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Notification badge/dot

Hi all,


So I created an account just to show my disappointment.


Well, actually I try to not. I hope to get more proper respond from Nokia guys.


So I bought Nokia 1 about a month ago, replacing my old Huawei Y3 II, hope for better experience with newer OS and brand (side note: I bought those phone because they are small and fit my hand, not because they are cheap, and I indeed understand I must face problems of cheap devices).


So far I must say my experience with Nokia 1 is worse than Huawei Y3 II (with almost similar specs). Something I would like to share


1. No express-on cover sell in my country, Vietnam. They only available as gift for short period. I understand that my country is not a big market for Nokia, and market for Nokia 1 even smaller, though, so this is minor glitch.

2. I cannot search for text in message using default apps (probably a Go feature). Minor glitch as well since I can install other app.

3. Services got killed always. I see a lot of threads regarding this problem happen to other Oreo phone, so I understand that it is partly caused by Google. But seriously, it has been half an year since first post about this, over many patch and nothing has been fixed. With my Huawei, I can easily set which app can run in background ignore battery optimization.


4. I can not see any notification badge/dot on app icon. This one is the worst. I thought it was just the launcher but turn out, the feature was removed, no Notification access settings for me (is this count as Go feature???). I cannot understand who can come up that idea, isn't this a basic feature of basic phone. Ironically, I give up the Huawei because somehow I did not have badge on Skype, now I do not have badge (or even a dot) on anything.

I sold the Huawei already and hope to stick with Nokia 1 for long because almost no one making small phone any more, even if they do they won't update it for more than 1 years unless serious problems occur.


The phone still work but like crippled, I'm ok if it is weak and slow but not lacking basic feature. Or what I ask is more than basic. Any official words on this?


Thanks for reading.

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Android GO doesn't support notification dots. This phone can only be used as a secondary device and you'll need to purchase a little bit more expensive device (Nokia 3 and above) to get a great quality experience! :)

Hope that helps!

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