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Bad coustmer service

I am facing device uncertified problem ... So i am submitted my phone to your #varanasi_ U. P. India care point on 23/06/2018 they told me that you need to change your motherboard and some days ago i am visited to your care now the told me that my mobile was send to your banglaur service point and it will take 10 day to came on varanasi care.... Now at this time i am visited to your care they told me my mobile not received to your varanasi care from banglaur care.... What happend with my and why i am not able to receive my mobile.... Reply me fast otherwise i will go to coustmer court and file a case on your company...
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Simi started a topic a day ago I just found a working trick to certify Nokia 6 in playstore, my Nokia 6 is also uncertified after service centre flashed it.... TRICK- First of all u need (1)- OST tool 6.0.4 version... (2)-PC running windows 10 ( use any but works perfectly without drivers issue in windows 10) (3) SD card (4) Data Cable... (a-)First off all install the OST tool with patch... (b) Download Firmware update of TA 1021 India from the net, extract it ,it should be .nb0 extension (c)- Download December 2017 security patch of naught of TA 1021 / TA 1023 ,put it in SD card (d)- Now reboot to recovery menu using hardware buttons to install this update from SD card... Select apply update from SD card... Phone will end the operation with error i.e update is aborted... Again using hardware button power off your phone... ( We apply December update to downgrade Bootloader) Now open OST tool, select .nb0 file that you selected.... Flash it, it will take around 3-5 minutes... Now you downgrade to naughat 7.1.1 Now check for updates again... You will get oreo via OTA... After installation of oreo via OTA your phone will become certified again... And you will recieve all security updates upto September month... Cheers happy flashing... Trick working 100 %<
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