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Dolby sound

After the oreo 8.1 update i can't enjoy with the option of dolby sound .. if i enable it all the phone sound gets low even the ringtones .. did you will provide help with this issue

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Try googling XDA dolby atmos app. Go to XDA developer website download the dolby official Crack app and increase the parameters in it after installing, you will be amazed by the sound Output on your phone as well as earphones.
To do that i have to make root to my device .. i need a suggested help without root

No. There's one forum that provides a installer you only need to install. No root or flashing needed. The app works in harmony with the existing one on the device.

I can't find it .. can you copy the link pls.
No need to root the device. If you are unable to find the device, try mailing me at
I sent you a mail to provide help
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