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Google Calendar syncing solved

Yesterday, I just bought my yellow Nokia 8110 4 G. :-D By default it was set to auto-update but just to make sure, I did an update and my Software Build No. is currently There are 3 default games and 22 default app. next I successfully downloaded and installed Twitter and Weather. Gmail and Contact sync well but I had difficulty syncing Calendar . KaiOS Support Team showed me the way where I found out the correction path from my desktop computer was:

Google Account/Sign-in & Security/Apps with account access/Manage Passwords/Select Allow with less secure apps to "ON"

Suddenly, several red dots appeared in the calendar of my handphone.


Mine is still stuck in version 10. I live in the Philippines. I guess the updates are really region dependent :(

 Version 10 on a NOkia 8110 4G?

Yes. My software version is still No matter how many times I checked for updates it will only say "Your software is up to date" :(

 KaiOS Technologies told me software update is country-by-country basis. I suspect this in relation to the hardware sold like on the box, my unit is meant for MY & SG market (Malaysia & Singapore) then again they acknowledge this issue and are trying to resolve it towards the end of 2018. In the forum it is noted some people swap country type SIM card and it updates to the latest so I asked them what happens to the international traveller who uses a KaiOS phone, don't tell me in some countries, it'll work other countries it doesn't.

Hi Abbas, where did you get your phone from and what country are you based in? I'm keenly awaiting these phones in the uk.

 Hi user1531548991783
 I bought my handphone from an official Nokia vendor the 29th unit to be sold within 3 days which also happens to be the 7th yellow unit. I am come and currently reside in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Malaysian Nokia started to sell the same time it was sold in Europe.

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