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Device uncertified problem.

My phone's model number is T-1062. It is flashed to global android one rom.But after may security patch,it shows uncertified in play store.What should i do now to get regular ota updates?any idea?

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Wow and I have gotten the July update yesterday. This is so bad. Hang in there.

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I have aslo faced the same problems & my device is also uncertified after may updates.even i have not got June there any solution
Wow, it seems you guys got the Chinese version of the TA-1062 where the seller flashed the global ROM on it. I don't think your device will be certified from the playstore as it has been modified. I also have the TA 1062 but mine is the Taiwan version (android one). Currently on the June security patch.
How can i flash june security patch manually?do you have any idea?
Am not sure that can be done manually tbh. You need to wait a bit, perhaps you will still get the OTA update. Have you ever received OTA update on your device?
yes,until may security patch.After that device becomes uncertified.But after may security patch i am not getting any ota update.
I think you will need to wait a bit then,if it doesn't come before the July security patch it means there is a problem.
Still not get any updates


Wow and I have gotten the July update yesterday. This is so bad. Hang in there.
Same here.
You guys should wait for the Android P update and try to flash the WW Android rom. Nokia 6 2017 China varint had the same problem when converting to Ww rom but with orio update the TA-1000 culd be changed to TA-1003 and after that OTA updates also got available. Search convert TA-1000 to TA-1003 in xda developers for that. Hope 7 PLUS also upgradable like that but I can't promise you guys that.
[Update] there is a new post on how to change Nokia 7 plus China variant to global. Goto XDA developers and search for "How to convert a Nokia 7+ from China Variant to Global" Cheers
It's not a new post..It's posted two months ago
Didn't saw the date , sorry for the word new, but it should solve your problems.
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