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My whatsApp doesn't open, always shows "WhatsApp has stopped". I have tried reinstalling but no luck. What could be causing this? Please help

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May be you can try factory reset..

Same issue here. I even did a factory reset and downloaded the app again. still whatsapp never opens.keeps saying whatsapp not working

I have the same issue. Uninstall, reset, reinstall, update to oreo beta, downgrade to nougat reinstall, delete cache and data, reinstall, factory reset still nothing. 

I am assuming this is a Nokia issue. I have contacted WhatsApp and still no joy. Please could we get some response here. Not sure if it's everyone, judging by the very few comments it could be, or it's people without access to or are not worried about it.

Very Frustrating

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Very true, I admonish myself everyday for not researching on this phone, I thought being a nokia was guaranteed quality. Not so anymore. The problem is this is a nokia issue and they keep referring us to Whatsapp who refer us to Google who refer us back to Nokia and it is clear its Nokia's fault. This blame game has to stop, Nokia needs to come up with a patch for this issue?

Nokia, where you at?

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