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Screen burn issue

Hi all, I'm using this Nokia 8 mobile for 4 months. Suddenly I found screen burn issue in this mobile. I was editing a picture in this mobile, then I moved to another window. The page which I used before appears on the edges of the mobile with the navigation bar.

Yes, you're not alone. Quite a few people have it. My guess is that Nokia HMD used the cheapest displays they could find. It's an unnecessary disappointment. I just yesterday advised a friend who needed a second phone against buying Nokia.
I gave for service, they told me to wait for 10 days for new display.. today I got call from service that it is fixed.. I went to the Marathalli Nokia Care, Bangalore, India. When I got the mobile in hand. I felt some different in the display. The whole display was looking yellowish shade. I checked the night mode. It was off.. then I asked them . They said this is new and original display. I raised my voice and asked. Staff checked with the manager and said me to wait for one more day. I m really disappointed. I asked for replacement, they said u have small dents on side. So it is not possible. I don't know what to do
Hi, is there is free service in nokia care, i am from Bangalore, i am facing same issue
Yes. We have in Marathahalli..
Thank you sathish, how many days they took, and after replacement of screen is your phone is working normal now ?
Mine is still not fixed. Waiting for it. So I will let you know the resolution of it.
Thanks bro,does they give temporary phone to use.?...... if the time period given by service centre exceeds, you call and speak bro you may get replacement,try once and force them to give your phone back they may offer you because they have to give within time period

No they don't have temporary phone to provide.

Did you get your phone back? Having same issue.
I got my phone back with new display. But now the paste they used to stick the display bus coming out. It is like display will come out soon. 
Is your issue fixed? How is display quality? How to check if it's original
Take back to the same place bro ask for replacement,thanks for the updates#sathish
Yes @kumar. It is original and good. Sure @chandru. I will take and fight
Please update us if any changes Nokia makes in your case, thankyou sathish
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