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Wrost coustmer service

I am the problem facing device uncertified on play store.. I am unable to receive my mobile from your service center Sajid Ansari to Support 21 hours agoDetails I am facing problem in mobile uncertified on play store... So i am submitted my mobile to your varanasi U. p. India care point on 23 june 2018 .. They told me that my mobile will repaired in 10 days after 10 days i am visited to your care point now they told me my mobile was send to your banglaur branch and today i am visited yo your care they told me that my mobile was not received to your varanasi care point from your banglaur care point.... What happened with my mobile and why i am not able to receive my mobile .... Give me a satisfaction full answer.... Otherwise i will go to consumer court and file a complane on your company... My jobsheet no is... 350504886/180623/008 Imei no. Is.. 356029085588225 Reply me fast....

after motherboard replacement your mobile becomes certified?? and after how many days your mobile got repaired??

as I also have the same uncertified problem, Nokia care service centre decided to change motherboard, but 13 days gone , my mobile still not yet repaired, so after motherboard replacement will it becomes certified again???

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