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Wifi dropping randomly Nokia 7 plus

When u r watching youtube or streaming or doing anytning, the wifi signal drops.. this bug has transferred from nokia 6 1 to nokia 7 plus.. this is worrisome.. now i ll only buy products from apple or pixel.. totally worse experience even its android one !

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I'm facing similar issue but with Nokia 8, a recent camera firmware brought this issue :( a restart is required in order to connect...

I bought a phone,I felt like I did big mistake, alot of weekness in Nokia phone , not in level like other phones have, they need to improve alots alots. I have also the same issue with WIFi.

What other issues are you facing?

Nokia 7 Plus is a great device! You made no mistake..

My Facebook WhatsApp and yahoo mail account all these three apps not working on WiFi, but when I turn on VPN they works fine, although I have Samsung with same network and these 3 apps work perfectly without VPN on Samsung, I don't know what is happening can anybody help me in this matter????

I am facing similar type of issue especially when i watch Cricket match on PTV Sports Live streaming.

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