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Google assistant issues

I have experienced a very strange issue with my nokia 7 plus, when my phone was unlocked my friend was working on his phone trying ok google which also activated my phones google assistant and started to act for the commands. I felt embarrased for using such a un secured phone. Any help please?

Maybe u have voice match activated.. so it unlocked ur phone.. I know assistant should unlock only when it matches the voice of voice model it stored.. But it some time unlock with different voice also..happens to me a lot when my father says "Ok google" command.. and it's not just nokia handset.. my lenovo vibe k5 plus and nokia 7 plus both devices got unlocked simultaneously whenever my dad says the command..sometime even youtube video.. Reason Google Assistant is not perfect.. it cannot check different voice 100% of the's just an AI and still far away from perfection.. Oh cortana on my PC wake up to my dads voice also XD 

*dad's (damn one '  can make a big difference )..sorry for double post :P

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