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N7+ not receiving updates post May 2018


Settings > System > System update > Check for update

Android version: 8.1.0

Security patch level: May 2018

No new update is available

I also have a Nokia 8 on exactly the same cellular network in the same country and there I am able to update to July 2018.

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Right, once the stable version of Android P releases the monthly updates will be resumed.

I'm stuck in the same boat. Support told me that they are unwilling to give me an update file and that I must just wait and see if an ota comes through. @Laura @Mike is this the level of support that we're to expect and be ok with? It's clearly an issue and one that seems to just be dismissed as a non issue.

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Are you using Ta-1062 global ROM? If yes you can't get any updates
Ta-1055 rolled back to Oreo 2.13b image...
Ta-1055 rolled back to Oreo 2.13B image.
N7+ software is getting android P beta so its not required to provide security updates, beta software itself get monthly updates. Security updates will resume once the official android P ll be launched

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Thanks for the replies

My phone is also TA-1055

I am still a bit confused, why would the nokia 8 receive security updates for android 8.1.0 and not the N7+?

Imchandu03, not sure if I understand correctly, but are you saying that because android P beta is receiving updates the stable version (android 8.1) will not be updated until android P stable is released? 


Right, once the stable version of Android P releases the monthly updates will be resumed.

Thank you for the answer, that explains it. The practice baffles me a though, I would have expected the stable to always get the latest security updates and since I receive it on the N8, expected the same for the N7+. Having said that, I am not familiar with android development at all. Cheers.

I have got an update for July with security patches. My model is TA-1046. So yes, Nokia is realeasing timely updates and not waiting for Android P to release it's security patch.

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My TA-1055 had been updated too.


Is that compatible with TA-1042 variants? I'm guessing that update is up to June only? I'm also planning to revert to Android 8.1.

user1528272724593, how to install these updates manually?
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