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Annoying T9 predictive text typing bug in German language...

Hi everybody,

I simply cannot write with capital letters after I typed a period using predictive typing with the Nokia 8110 4G. If I write something, it looks like this: "Yesterday I had an ice cream cone. it was awesome. i really enjoyed it."

The only way to write with capital letters after a period is to use "Abc" or "ABC". So, for the first word in a sentence I always have to switch from "Predictive" to "ABC" which is really annoying. Is this a bug or am I just too stupid?

If it should be a bug, please fix it HMD. It is really nerve-racking! I used to love typing SMS almost at the speed of light on my Nokia 6210 and 6310i. That implementation of T9 predictive typing really rocked! I grew so accustom to that implementation that I believe that I can still type with a 6210 as fast as I can with a smartphone and touchscreen, probably even more accurate ;-)



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Yes, this problem is really annoying, especially if you write in German. I have already contacted the support of KaiOS, and the support there is great and they know about this bug. You should do the same and report other bugs or make suggestions.

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Hi Jannis!

Thank you very much for that hint! I will do this right away!



It's the same issue with every language, I presume. 
I contacted both Nokia Customer Care and KaiOS Support a couple of weeks ago in regards of this issue. Hopefully they decide to fix it in a future update - the sooner, the better. I, too, was expecting similar T9 typing experience as with older Nokias but this really let me down. I'm using my 8110 4G as my daily driver and at the moment try to avoid having to send text messages on it. Still keeping my smartphone as backup.

Hi mxim!

Same here, avoiding longer text messages if possible and having my smartphone as a backup.

This issue, in my opinion, really is a show stopper! I hoped for that last OS update, but to no avail… Well, let's wait and wonder.



Back on Smartphone and waiting for a solution for the T9-issue. Same problem in Denmark, missing the danish word for "we".

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