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Guys stop giving this webpage visit cause i can see there no improvement and they just earning money from visit any i bet there is no value of it cause there is so many problems in this (8.0) oreo yet. They are jjst giving update so far for making us feel like we have latest software but what in it "None" im really tired of making app reset and resetting my phone for 1 to 2 month of proper working and now the problems i would like to describe are as follows: -rotation problem (set the wallpaper in weird angles) -calling(make speaker on by default) -charging (stops in while"which is anytime") ×Now UI problems× -its oreo(8.0) yet no app hide -apps crashes and the system stops makin black the whole screen for secs.. -power options whichs is changed which is nice but sometimes after system stops its show old power options (like center menu) Etc. Thank you "NOKIA"

Not everybody is facing these issues... I think only your device is defective! Software updates only fixes those issues which users are facing all over the world. If only one person faces an issue it will never be fixed with a software update. Try checking the place from where you had purchased the phone, may be that person is fraud. I currently have three different Nokia devices right now and the none of them has the issues that you are experiencing...

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Which device and model can tell that?!
And bro if im facing those problem that doesn't means its device fault i know my situation properly and i bet all devices working fine except mine "
The fault i mentioned its not hardware problem anyone "who have software knowledge" can know ots software problem
There must be a quality control issue. Mine is fine apart form the camera which I can sort by using another app.
And guys juat tell me which phones except NOKIA (android) take 8 gb for its software (firmware) and give only this much (basic UI)

That 8 GB is not just taken by the whole System UI! Half of the space out of that 8 GB is consumed by Google Apps i.e Google Photos, Gmail, Maps, YouTube etc... And some of it is consumed for RAM management. And lastly some of it is consumed by UI. These files are an important part of the Android System. Your phone cannot work without them. Don't argue for baseless matters!

8gb is about right. A bit of googling finds that Pixel phones start with about 6 out of the box and go up to 20 over time. I just clear mine out occasionally. Google's own Files Go app does a good job of this.
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