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Yesterday,  I just successfully downloaded and installed the latest update, size 21.09mb though I don't know what improvements were made by Nokia and KaiOS Technologies told me this is Nokia's domain.

 Sorry, the title is supposed to be " just came in" Typo error on my part but this forum doesn't allow one to edit past mistakes. Mmmmm :-(

 Hey Abbas,

Nice to hear that you got the Nokia 8110 4G! How is it ?? Do you like it ? I also recieved the update yesterday. The OS is much smoother and stable. How long do you have the nokia ??

Hi Abbas, Support network for 3G in second sim? Cheers.


Sorry, I wouldn't know I'm using 4G simcard but I thought a 4G line would go down to 3G where location is only 3G, I maybe wrong

Is there a way to get it ( software version 21mb) as Nokia does not deliver it in my location  ? 

My software version is and can not be upgrade. 
Many improvements should solve some problems I have on Bluetooth headset (according to KaiOS support)  

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