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Yesterday,  I just successfully downloaded and installed the latest update , size 21.09mb though I don't know what improvements were made by Nokia and KaiOS Technologies told me this is Nokia's domain.

 This is a good question, but I'm not sure if we will get an answer. The moderators don't seem to be too active here on the forum except approving or not approving posts.


I doubt you will get the answer here from Nokia. I too was expecting them to be a bit more friendly at the Community Forum BUT under the Community Forum Section titled Getting Started: Welcome Read Me First! it is stated "We set up this forum because we wanted to create a peer-to-peer community...". Thus, if it is a technical question, one is advise to contact them under Support preferably under "Chat with us" where they ought to respond after all what's an online chat for. If a certain technical issue was experienced by fellow forumers maybe they would want to contribute....maybe. 

I think they didn't change anything in the new update..I personally believed their version had a region locked problem or system problem as many people didn't get the update including me.That's why they release another version  with no changes so that all people can receive the update as their previos os update was faulty and  they released and everybody could receive the update..I also received the update without any problem unlike previous one..

I have tested it know and noticed just 2 changes. You can know change the volume in Youtube with the up/down-keys. The browser seem to have been updated. From super-slow to just slow. Let's hope we will get more updates.

 And still one change. If you press the keys long in a text field, you get now the numbers. This didn't worked earlier.

If you press the keys long you will get the number..It was on the previous one and it wasn't included on thus update either ..same goes to volume on YouTube..after full screen, you can adjust volume by up down and adjust forward reverse by left right..These ain't new..They were already presented in the previous version...But I think, their software optimization just got slightly better than previous version..Now call log is loading fast..Browser is slightly fast etc

 I had Twitter description written in Arabic in the store, now after the update it is in English. :)

Hello, i have updated mine to, i would like to know when will the new software update will be available?

I got word from NOkia's Chat with us that "KaiOS Technologies is the developer of the OS and only they will know what will be added on the next update.

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