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Nokia 6.1 - Still on 'May' Update in UK?

Hi, I have the global version of the Nokia 6.1 - 64GB/4GB Ram, TA-1068.

I'm still on the May security patch of Android 8.1. July's was released this week and I still haven't received that either. 

As an 'Android One' device, I expected to get these updates as and when the other devices do.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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No idea have tried everything and Nokia support on the chat forums haven't got a clue don't know why they even bother. An updated list of countries for July update this morning but still not UK. What's the issue with Nokia and UK models?? Getting sick of this now

Nokia are blaming the providers. I have tried all the majors with sims but nothing. Tried hard reset with each sim but nope. They even told me that Vodafone have their own way of updating. Vodafone went "WHAAAAAT?"

Poor service and the service chat is awful. 

Nice phone though 

Can I check, did you both buy your handset from the UK?

What networks are you both on and what monthly patch are you on?

Yep. Uk through carphone warehouse and on Vodafone. May update.

I wouldn't say it's network dependent. My handset is unlocked.

Does it have to be an OTA update or can you update it via the Nokia site?

It's nothing to do with networks. Mine is unlocked sim free and I've taken the sim card out and connected to wi fi and still no updates. I've tried different network sims still no updates. I'm on Three UK but as I said it's nothing to do with it.

I don't understand though, it's an Android One phone so why are we not getting updates? 

I might email Nokia directly.

That's what I've done with evidence of everything I have tried. They say it's on the list of released updates but they are still trying to blame the carriers.

Has anyone confirmed how an OTA update works? Does it go via the network at all?

I'll contact 3.

I wonder if it's because it's not available via your network directly? i.e. My Nokia 6.1 can't be had via 3 themselves so that could be why?

How can it be carrier approved if it states on the updates 'downloading of updates is only available via wi fi' It's nothing to do with carriers
Tried all the main carriers in the uk. There's a tick box somewhere that needs to be ticked!!!!

So what, will we never get updates then?

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Of course you'll get updates but lately there seems to be something wrong at Nokia. I decided today to sell my Nokia 6.1 i will miss it in some ways but others not. I got an Honor 10

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