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How can install android P for Nokia 7 plus?

Hello Everyone,

i'd like to install android P beta for my Nokia 7 plus , But I cannot install it. 

it has an error in processing . When i choose line "Apply update from ADB" and connect cap USB to my computer , and then I run adb devices . i don't see my phone be connected . 

Please help me this problem.

Thank you so much,

You need to enable usb debugging in developer options for adb to recognise your device.

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Thank you so much,

i enabled and install , it runs about 45 % , it has exit , and on my screen phone have an error : your version is older current version .

Please tell me how can fix it.

Thank you, 

It sounds like you are on the July security patch which means that you cannot install the beta until Nokia release a new build. You'll have to join the rest of us waiting for them an update, which seems like it will never arrive.

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