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Android P Developer Preview 4

when you can expect  for Nokia 7 Plus Android P Developer Preview 4

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same here waiting for dp4,
Please nokia, at least keep your enthusiast updated about the updates when you are understandably being slow
still no update nokia 7 plus 蠟蠟蠟蠟蠟蠟蠟
When??? Atleast say when? 1mounth?! 1year? 5years? Wich one???!!!
DP3 has just been released ! It's available from Nokia DP website Not tested yet... downloading for now.... :-)
Is Dp3 is with July security patch ?
yes the new has july security patch now

didnt get it to work. Installed but systen failure, launcher error, en sytstem UI error. Did a clean install, via OTA and ADB but it didnt work. Cant open the Phone anymore because of the error's. Home screen black, then blank, after a few minutes the clock and lockscreen apperd. But when i want to unlock it. It closes with the error's above.

Trying to manual-roll back but didnt work, says that it is to high to roll back. 

Works fine requested OTA and got within 15 minutes. The battery issue is fixed. The slide to notification is listed in gestures and it's working fine. The bar has been changed to dot again , I don't know why. But loved the bar icon that the dot
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