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No caller ID after July security update. And still no fix for that hideous Nokia camera software....

Just like in June it seems that there again is a bug with the caller ID after the latest security update. This problem occurs on the Vodafone network in the Netherlands. Last month they swapped my sim card but I'm convinced the problem is somewhere in the update. Anyone else having the same problem? And maybe against better judgment I was expecting Nokia to fix the appalling camera software, but again they leave their customers hanging out to dry. We already paid for the phone so why should they give any service, right?

Yes they don't seem to fix if we do post as giving android update n security is not enough should fix the issue also

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Nokia camera app: Google Camera app: Both made with no adjustments, just click and go with my 7 Plus. The Nokia app is overexposed, even in broad daylight, while the Google app has true colors.
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