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Battery Drain too fast

 I Just purchased Nokia 7 Plus and after first charge cycle from 0 to 100 % i opened the phone after 2 minutes on screen battery drain it's gonna to 99% after another 2 minutes it's gonna to 98% and again to 97% now 96%
this is not normal way on any phone battery i think there is an issue with the phone.

what is the problem with the phone should i send it to warranty to check it or it's just matter of first charging cycles?

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i have the same problem on my Nokia 7 plus. For the first few days it worked well. then it started to have issues.

1. Phone heats up even after a 1 min call

2. from 100% at night around 11PM it becomes to 52% in the morning at 8AM with only email and whatsapp running in background. 

3. Need to be pluged in for charging always. 

As usual, for NOKIA there's always a battery issue - why aren't you doing something about it ? 

What is the fix for my battery issues ???

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There are no battery issues, and there had never been battery issues with Nokia phones, I am using a Lumia 530 bought at launch and it still performs better than China junk having a similar battery capacity,so check your phone setup and stop blaming Nokia,or better go to China junk

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First thing to know you never charge your phone's battery to 100% and never discharge it below 40% and these are li ion batteries they don't need full charge or discharge cycle as they don't have a memory chip inside,the fall of battery from 100% to 99% is mostly with all phones and all manafacturers, is always said to charge it till 98 or 97% or even 99% and remove ,your battery cycle is marked when the battery hits below 40% ,search for battery university and read the content

Mehtasameer2087: Next time before you poke your nose just read my comments properly. I am talking about Nokia 7 Plus and not Lumia 530 , Lumia phones have become histroy now. I am using Nokia 7 Plus from a week now and there's not even a single day passed where i didnt have battery or ph heating issues. There might be some issue with the phone itself. 

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@ user xyz6349 go fk yourself dk head,you have serious mental disorder in understanding what I said
Just go to google play store and download advanced battery calibrator this fix my same problem now my nokia 7 plus stay 2 days online with 5h display turn on time!

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