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not doing good in India

So nokia X6 has launched in China somedays before and I heard that X5 is also coming soon in China . I dont no why nokia launch crap phones like 2,3,5,6.1 in India and not launching X6 and X5. The X6 is around Rs 15000/- as we convert chiness currency to rupees . Which is very good price for phone with notch and snapdragon 636. Honestly it will "BOOM" the india market .BUT we know Nokia will never do that they will launch X6 and X5 only when redmi take all the market of that price range and other companies to like asus,realme. Hope they will take this as serious note and will take good action on it because people still believe on the name of "Nokia"  and this is the time for Nokia to do it right bcz they know what happened in past .

Thank you

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