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Screen is getting scratched even in normal use

I heard the nokia 8 screen is gorilla glass 5. So it should have provide some better scratch resistance, but my nokia8 screen is getting scratched in normal use. I don't know whether its happening for any other customer..But my Redminote 3 didn't have any scratch resistant glass like gorilla glass still don't have any single scratch even after 2 years of use.. but this nokia 8 got enough scratches just in 2months of use..I hope the HMD global is using some worst glass than gorilla glass 5. Anyway my experience with my 1st HMD global phone is disappointing.
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GG5 still scratches and to be fair it doesn't have much more scratch resistance that most glass, grit and sand will scratch it with ease.

If you watch JerryRigEverything on YouTube you will see most screens scratch at the same level of abuse.

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