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Broken Display

Hello, First of all sorry for the bad language. Today as I sat on the couch and checked the news my phone made a loud cracking noise. As I looked on the screen I saw a very big crack all over the display. The phone is only three days old. I never let it fall sat on it or did other things. I only got the normal cover that gets delivered. Anyone else had this problem?

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Same/similar problem here: my devices display broke when I tried qi wireless charging. Checked the phone after two hours of charging, didn't even reach 50%, the device was very hot and the display is broken since then...

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Did you got a free repair or a new modelling from Nokia?
Not yet, but since I'm not the only one with a strange broken display incident, i'm thinking of trying to do so. Did you contact HMD/Nokia already?

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I contacted them yesterday. I hope I will get an answer soon. I'll keep you updated ;)

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They contacted me that they can repair this but not free of cost. They told me that it is because I went from outdoor (25°C) inwards (20°C) and this caused the crack. This is a very bad customer service and very bad quality! Now I have to argue with them... I find that they're argument is invalid because the phone is only three days old!

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Well that's both bad and also sad news... At least it explains my theory that my devices display broke because of too extreme temperatures. But a phone for 750$ should definitely do better in terms of quality and durability! Very disappointing...

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