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Phone charging issue

So I bought 6.1 in the month of May. Since the last 10 days or so the phone is charging only if the charging pin was kept in a certain angle. When bought to the service center, I was informed that the charging port in the phone needs to be changed since the same was broken. The phone is in prime condition and has not incurred any physical damage (neither has it fallen nor there is any liquid damage). I am being asked to pay for the new part...How is this even possible? Is this not covered in warranty? Need advice at the soonest..

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I also had the same problem and I  was informed by your nokia service technicians that my mobile mother board has gone bad and will have to  be replaced, which I straight away denied and  told that I am not ready to replace the part and I want it to replace with a new phone and they said that they have communicated the same with nokia india  and there are awaiting for the reply.  I wish to bring to your notice that  I have purchased on 21.05-2018  which has not even crossed 45 days ( I gave it to repair on 05-07-18) how come a mother board goes  bad in such a short time  and I have never excepted this cheap parts from nokia . I believe Nokia is know for its durability and I still believes in it atleast up to now. This is my primary mobile and almost ten days have gone and I have already requested them to  provide me a temporary replacement which has not be provided. 

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