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Nokia-8 not built 4 music lovers

Dear HMD, You must to provide equalizer like Dolpy Atmos i have a bad experience with Sony Head phone.

Dolby Atmos isn't really used for music, it's used more for movies and games to provide surround sound via headphones. Also, I'm not sure if phones require additional hardware internally or just need a pair of Dolby Atmos headphones like PCs.

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It's true enough that it is not suitable for the music lover. the Dodly atmos are not suitable for music. you may check from Gmail Support USA for a proper solution. can anyone tell me what should I do to get a satisfying music experience? 

I'm back with my old Sony phone. Omg what a difference, music sounds very well again now. The sound in Nokia is "basic". It doesn't even have advanced Bluetooth protocols like LDAC (which is free in AOSP), or even (the non-free) aptX (HD). Another flaw of these HMD Nokia products.

 I use Poweramp which thankfully has a great equaliser that works, it does wonders for the Nokia 8

I'm using black player which also has something like that. But I think it's the limited Bluetooth protocol that HMD Nokia decided to use. Either way, I'm back with Sony for now. Pure audio pleasure with my MDR 1000.
Mine sounds fine with either my JBL Bluetooth or my Klipsch wired earphones, maybe I've just got cloth ears 

I own a Nokia 8 and I can set up (for example aptX) from the developers options. (not that I need it with my Beoplay H5 Wireless earbuds, because oh boy do they sound good on their own). For my wired headphones (Bowers & Wilkins P5 2 series) I use the ReEQ (Link below) app. It costs 1,30 euros, but it is worth the money! lots of options (for audiophiles as well) and it works perfect!

There has been a longer post somewhere in here about aptX and LDAC support. For the people there, including me, these settings don't stay but instead get switched back to ... AAC (?). Can you try going into dev options again and double check?

Double checked it, it indeed switches back to AAC... :/

Bluetooth audio is broken in Nokia 8 with Oreo - discussed many times, many places - the only one not discussing it is HMD/Nokia 郎
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