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Exchange ActiveSync email accounts

 Hi Guys! :)

I love the phone and the OS. I would love to see how it gets to be more and more and develops to be an awesome feature/smart OS! ;)

I tried to add my company email account today, which uses Exchange ActiveSync and the account creating just kept on loading without any result. Does the OS at its current state support these kind of protected Echange accounts?

Thank you!

PS.: are you considering releasing a 7110 4G? :P :D Please?

I would ask the KaiOS support team on twitter. Let us know how you get on. :-)

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 I just did that and they reached out to me almost instantly, so now I sent the details, how I did it and they are looking into it. Impressive customer service so far! :D

 I reached out to KaiOS and they could not replicate the issue, this means that the issue might be at Nokia's side. So Nokia please check this and let us know if there is any solution to that.

The question is, what is Nokia doing? I have this phone now for a month, and there was only one "fantastic" update without any changes. Really, Nokia should stop throwing so many phones at the market like Huawei and Samsung do and finally support their phones.

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