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How to terminate emails from Discussion?


I don't mind being a Nokia Community forumer but am getting tired of emails directed from here especially as it gets popular.

Q: Is there a way to terminate emails sent from this Community Forum but still be a member of this community?

But in worse case sceanrio:

Q: How does one close an account with this Community Forum as it is not possible under Edit Profile?

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Hi Abbas, 

You can unsubscribe the topics you participated in and then you won’t get any mail notification anymore, but still be a member of the community. To do so just go to the topic you want to unfollow -> next to the reply button is the ‘Following’  button -> just click this and you unsubscribe from the topic. If you want to  receive mail notifications again just click the ‘Follow’ button again. 

Here is a  screenshot for clarification


Hope this  helps you. 

Best regards,


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