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How to sync Google Calendar?

I thank KaiOS Technologies for this advice:

Google Calendar is recognized as a less secure app to the handphone but it is still possible to sync between Google Calendar's cloud and handphone however there is a prerequisite:

Go to Google account/Sign-In & Security/App with less account access/Other less secure apps/Select ON

After syncing, you will find small pink dots on the calendar corresponding to events in your desktop computer's Google Calendar.

Hi Abbas - thx for this - what steps do I go through on my 8110 to tell it to sync to the calendar. - I go to the calendar on my phone but I dont see an import option?


Calendar/Options/Settings and then "Add Account" and choose Google. But as Abbas said, you have first to go to your Google account on your PC and choose "other less secure apps".

Nokia, please add the possibilty to add an calendar from The workaround via Google is quite annoying.


For starters, before sync calendar can be done, need to link account to handphone:

Open calendar/options/settings//add account/ Google,Yahoo or CallDev

When account is linked to handphone calendar:

Open calendar/options/setting/update frequency/Select between per15mins, 30mins or manually

If you choose manually (which I prefer) to sync calendar:

Open calendar/options/setting/syn calendar

Best of luck!

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