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How to import but not sync Gmail Contacts?

I have informed KaiOS Technologies of this and they have forwarded to the relevant party:

To import Gmail Contacts into the phone:

Go to Contact/Highlight any contact/Option/Setting/Import Contact/Select relevant source
The Contact list will be imported but internet reviews stated scrolling the Contact list becomes sluggish after 300+ entries.

The other thing is that I PRESUME FOR THE TIME BEING the Contact list in the handphone does not dynamically updates itself when there are new entries/amendments to the Contact list in the Gmail account. As such, it is advised to make the  Contact list in the Gmail account the "MASTER LIST" where updates are only made there. Having done that, delete all contacts imported into the handphone earlier and re-import the latest Contact list from the MASTER LIST.

I guess this will have to be the Modus Operandi until the Contact app enables dynamic updates from the MASTER LIST.

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