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"Google Pay can't be used on this device"

Hallo, I have got a brandnew Nokia 7 Plus (TA-1062) Android 8.1.0. When I try to install / configure the Google Pay app, I get the error "Google Pay can't be used on this device" Your phone might be rooted of modified (I dont have the correct wording, as the message is shown German). Of course, I havent rooted the phone, or modified the bootloader. Has anybody an idea how to fix this or how to figure out, what Google pay is detecting?



Maybe you have China build of the phone. Check your build number. You can find these on your phone by navigating to Settings > System > About Phone.

If your Build Number is:

“00WW”, then you have a Global build.

“00CN”, then you have a China build with specific requirements that are not currently supported.

Google services are disabled in China by goverment.

Mine is the same, my Build is 00WW. Anyone have any ideas?

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Same issue here, phone is global build and its impossible to setup contactless payments: "Couldn't finish setup to pay in shops. This phone can't be used to pay in shops. This may be because it is rooted or altered in some other way"

I have the same issue which I though was due to the fact I was on the Beta Android P.

Same message as above. Anyone find a fix for this?

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tried using it yesterday and got the same error 

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