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Screen working intermittently

 I've had a Nokia 8 for around 5 weeks now, everything is great. Until last night - I was watching a video (on the All4 app) when the screen went blank. Sound continued to play.

The side power button and home button appeared to do nothing - the screen was still blank. Spending some time experimenting, it seems the phone is still on and doing things in response to button presses (i.e. holding the volume down button leads to a brief vibrate, as the volume reaches zero) but the screen is blank for all of this.

The glance screen works fine.

After quite some time, it seemed to resolve itself - the screen came back on and responded as it should to any inputs. However, it's done the same thing a few times now.

I've tried doing restarts, turning it off and on again, and doing a power cycle. At the moment, the phone is unusable. If i can get the screen to come back on again, i'll (quickly!) do a factory reset - but can anyone think of anything else it might be? Software, or hardware related?

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