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Gesture navigation

I'm unable to find gesture navigation on the latest beta. Anyone knows how to enable them?

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@Skink @Laura

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i flash again the new dp3 now the heating problem is gone and battery drain,,but gesture was remove,clear all button also it has now

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 Yes, I just upgraded and can't find a way to reenable it? Please give us the possibility to enable it, it was working well.

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Is VoLTE working in latest version

I'm using airtel India and its working fine, don't know about other carriers.

@kiko05 heating issue is still there while charging, sadly! Haven't used it much since updating so don't know if its gone for calling more than 5 minutes or while gaming, will report as I use.

@user439 not my device already i charge it and there is no heating anymore,not the same with the previous dp i have to turn it off my device to avoid the heating.battery now much solid than previous.i miss the gesture navigation:(@nokia...bring it back!
@user1524418809439 settings>system>gestures
Volte is working fine the build is solid battery is comparable to oreo
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