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No mobile data after July security update

Hi, just installed the july security update on my TA-1054 in Austria and i am facing the same problems as after the may security update: No mobile data and no connection to the google servers (also with wifi). The bug was fixed with the june update. Nokia , are you kidding me?

 I am not sure whether I had mobile data to begin with, because I set up my phone with WiFi and immediately ran the software updates. I too do not have any connection to my mobile data service provider, Maxis, here in Malaysia with a TA-1054 purchased in Malaysia. The build number shows 00CN_2_24B_SP02 which I fear to mean I was sold a model that was meant for the market in China instead.

What's your build number?

Hi, my build number is the same: 00CN_2_24B_SP02

 I ended up returning it because I just recently bought it and there was still time to do so. Getting an X6 instead because the shop showed me that it worked. But really really giving HMD's Nokia a last chance here to prove themselves.

After the July update on a Nokia 6.1, TA-1045, USA version the data connection is continuously turning on and off at a rate of something around a second or so.  The software that I'm using will show it CONNECTED and disconnected very rapidly and I can get very little data speed at all.  3 Mbps down and 0.2 Mbps up.  This needs to be fixed rapidly like now.  Using a MVNO of T-Mobile and have tested the data connection with my Nexus 5 and data is fine, stays CONNECTED.

Hello user1527011066020, I have a same problem with u with TA-1054 and I live in Vietnam and until now, after a update in June I still can't use mobile network, does your phone get a fixed for this?

Hi, I am also having the same problem but the problem got solved when I removed on of the sim,Then it started working with proper speed as usual.

Whoever confirmed that mobile data is working in US version of Nokia 6.1, can you please confirm if T-mobile works on it and that too with 4G speed.


Data does work on the Nokia 6.1 US version on T-Mobile. T-Mobile has a problem overloading band 12 causing slow speeds. Band 12 has longer range covering more people, but inherently has less bandwidth.
So basically it is a problem with t mobile in general and nothing to do with Nokia 6.1, right

Correct,  T-Mobile focuses on saying you are covered if you get a signal, doesn't matter if it works or not.  And then tries to use WIFI calling to fill in the blanks.  Where at&t builds a network that covers everyone and then might use WIFI calling if needed.  T-Mobile can't get 4G LTE which is not 4G to work so now they are moving on to 5G which will be a mess if it's like 4G has been.

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