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No mobile data after July security update

Hi, just installed the july security update on my TA-1054 in Austria and i am facing the same problems as after the may security update: No mobile data and no connection to the google servers (also with wifi). The bug was fixed with the june update. Nokia , are you kidding me?

 I am not sure whether I had mobile data to begin with, because I set up my phone with WiFi and immediately ran the software updates. I too do not have any connection to my mobile data service provider, Maxis, here in Malaysia with a TA-1054 purchased in Malaysia. The build number shows 00CN_2_24B_SP02 which I fear to mean I was sold a model that was meant for the market in China instead.

What's your build number?

Hi, my build number is the same: 00CN_2_24B_SP02

 I ended up returning it because I just recently bought it and there was still time to do so. Getting an X6 instead because the shop showed me that it worked. But really really giving HMD's Nokia a last chance here to prove themselves.

After the July update on a Nokia 6.1, TA-1045, USA version the data connection is continuously turning on and off at a rate of something around a second or so.  The software that I'm using will show it CONNECTED and disconnected very rapidly and I can get very little data speed at all.  3 Mbps down and 0.2 Mbps up.  This needs to be fixed rapidly like now.  Using a MVNO of T-Mobile and have tested the data connection with my Nexus 5 and data is fine, stays CONNECTED.

Hello user1527011066020, I have a same problem with u with TA-1054 and I live in Vietnam and until now, after a update in June I still can't use mobile network, does your phone get a fixed for this?

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