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Display burning issues

My 5 months old Nokia 8 having display burning issues.

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It's called image retention. Mine has this too and it's getting worse, all it needs now is a 30sec static image. Wasn't like that few months ago.
I gave for service, they told me to wait for 10 days for new display.. today I got call from service that it is fixed.. I went to the Marathalli Nokia Care, Bangalore, India. When I got the mobile in hand. I felt some different in the display. The whole display was looking yellowish shade. I checked the night mode. It was off.. then I asked them . They said this is new and original display. I raised my voice and asked. Staff checked with the manager and said me to wait for one more day. I m really disappointed. I asked for replacement, they said u have small dents on side. So it is not possible. I don't know what to do
Today I went to service centre in Guwahati, they told me it may be software issue. Also if it's hardware issue then wait for few more days so that problem increase more.
@Sathish Goku Sounds like terrible experience. You can check display manufacturer string in AIDA64 /Display. All Nokia 8 models sources panels from LGD so it should expose LGD Dual DSI in your case. @user1524040254804 It is hardware issue (basically poor production quality that is also tend to regress), I don't know if HMD has obtained newer batch of panels from LGD but I doubt it as I don't see massive reports numbers from consumers, I guess most people aren't notice until it regressing to a pretty bad level

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I'm raising this on Twitter. Please help me there. @ShakiluzAhmed I'll appreciate your help.

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