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when downgrader to oreo we get april securrty patch

as we get april security patch how to get july security patch in oreo ?

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Hi Hemanth

I understand your frustration and I apologise for any inconvenience caused here.

We set the April SP as the rollback image so that we have one common basline upon which users will then step back up to July SP (dependent upon Regional/Operator approvals).

The release timings are choked to ensure that it is delivered smoothly and as such, it may take a little time to come to your device.

Hopefully you'll be back up to July very soon but please reach out to me if this is not the case.



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Noticed same thing, installed beta back.

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Same. Stuck in April 2018 update.

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Same here, I used the OTA rollback.

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Even I rolled back to Oreo via OTA, but it has security update for April and checked for update but it says it is up to date.. Please let us know how to get the latest update.

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Has any of you got an update other than April after withdrawing from Android P beta 9?
I'm also facing same issue

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Same issue. and no dual 4g. I rolled back from P via OTA. April security patch.

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I am also stuck with April patch and is showing up to date. The roll back shows IL get back to latest version of 8.1 but it's back to April patch... What nokia is doing

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I join the problem. I'm also in April

Ok, so here's how I got it right. First go to the following link and download the last 2 files in the last post: 

Roll back to 2.13b but don't let it boot to android, just go straight back into recovery. Now you can flash 2.22a that you downloaded from above. Reboot and let it boot. Setup phone, turn on usb debugging and adb to recovery again and sideload the 2nd file, 2.22a sp01. Reboot and check for updates, July should show up after 30min. Hope this helps

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Without upgrading it like the post above, will Nokia update to july?
Or is this the only way?
Just went back to 8.1 and re-installed all my app's. 
Don't want to do that again...


You will not get any OTA updates without manual OTA flash as per above.


The files you linked are for TA-1062, I have a TA-1046 (International). Do you know where I can find the 1046 ota files?

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