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Making a call, design flaw?

Is there a possibility to change the behaviour of the phone  so that when i open the phone and start entering a number in-stead of looking up similar phone number combinations from my contacts (useless) it would search for the text in contact names. My ole E52 does this and it is one of the most brilliant features — i can find a contact by simply entering the first part of their name on the keypad. It works so that when i enter 266 on the home screen it finds all contacts beginning with Ann. This would be extremely useful. Right now it is really cumbersome to make a call — open contacts app, start entering. 

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 Why don't you configure for phone for Speed Dailling? You've got 8 digits to choose from

This is hardly the same thing. 8 contacts is unfortunately simply not enough.

Right now making a call to a contact involves the following — open the cover, press scroll, press right, open contacts, search, call. Press scroll and press right are unnecessary. This is a feature phone, making calls could be much easier. Press scroll and press right could be eliminated. Or there could at least be a keyboard shortcut to open contacts app. 



The other alternative is to use Google Assistant (GA) to look up the Contact and dial.

On this, I'm still new to GA and am experimenting. I did inform Nokia Chat with us that I faced some problem in that although upon saying "Call Sabrina", GA managed to sort her out from the Contact but replied "Failed to call: (the relevant number)". I even tried calling "Home" with the fixed line phone in foront of me but got the same answer so there might still be some hiccups with GA.

This does not work at all if your contact names are mostly Estonian :). Also it is the same amount of work to open the assistant. I am making a lot of phone calls per day and this is the main reason i have not switched to a smartphone. I still have several E52's. I was hoping that Nokia 8110 4G would implement similar logic to calling as the old Nokia. Unfortunately this is not the case.


The next easiest way I found is to exploit Google Assistant (GA) and use the command "call" followed by the Contact's name. I found this to be very easy BUT for the moment I face a hiccup which I have already informed KaiOS Technologies. The current problem is that although GA recognizes the Contact's name in Contact and properly links it to the telephone number inclusive of country code, the reply I got was "Failed to called so&so) be it fix line or handphone. KaiOS Technologies told me they will look into it but need 5 working days just to investigate the issue.

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