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Android p gesture

Hello, In not finf android P gesture in android P beta 3 update please help.

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Same here
It's in System>gesture or you can search for it
@kishan nothing in the gesture option,can you tell us how to activate it???
@Kishan Not as Google Pixel man.
@kiko05 I did nothing to enable it. So u don't see any gestures listed?  @Anh what do u mean by not as Pixel?
@Kishan Thantiriwatta it's not all gestures that are missing what about the navigation gestures ?
and 'double tap to wake' option can not be found. new navigation gesture of android P is missing too. is it only or they pulled those out from dp3. can anybody help by sharing their experience on above issues.
I have also the same issue of missing navigation buttons
Same here On DP4 beta 3...
@Kishan I means for Pixel you can find Navigation Gesture Under Gestures Menu, but for DP4 (Beta 3) of Nokia 7+, it not there
the issue for navigation gesture also remove from other devices running dp4 not only nokia,its from google release only pixel phone has it.

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Oneplus6 users had to do this
to get them back.
I had no luck on my Nokia 7 Plus :/

Navigation gestures have been removed from all but they are still inside the build. Just hidden. When we enable those it's like a messy as all is getting overlap. There should be a good reason why Google has hidden them.

@Kishan - did you enable?

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