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Indians should stop giving Nokia Unnecessary Pressures

It pains that anytime Juho Sarvikas make an announcement concerning a new Nokia Product, Indians will jump into his mentions and demanding that such product should be exclusively launched in their country. Also, they always blackmail Nokia with claims that the brand is abandoning India just because it made a launch in another country. Indians also always falsely claim that Nokia will die if it fails to be giving India exclusive attention. 

Dear Indians, note that Nokia is not an Indian company.. If you must know, Africans and Europe patronize Nokia more than Indians right from onset.. That India has a large population doesn't translate to mean that Majority of Indians are using Nokia. You Indians should stop giving unnecessary pressures to Nokia. If the brand must regain its repute, it should have a global face and not Indian face. 

Nokia should also not succumb to Indians blackmail and unnecessary pressures. The brand should always endeavor to maintain a global face. 


Community Hero

Well, I haven't seen any of the pressure that you suggest, but i agree that Nokia is a worldwide brand and HMD need to show the whole world that it matters, not only a few countries.


I salute for for being very brave on this topic.

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