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Webpage says Micro SD up to 64gb, box says 32

Hello everyone

L've recentely take delivery of my brand new 8110.

As you can see here :

The description cleary says the phone can take Micro SD up to 64GB.

So, i bought a Micro SD64 specially for the phone.

But on the unboxing, suprise, the box says Micro SD up to 32GB, and my 8110

can't read my Micro SD64. L've since ordered a 32GB, SDHC one.

I think that's because the phone can't read the SDXC cards.

What do you guys think ? I believe there's more of a typo than of false advertising.

 This is very interesting. I know a seller is committed to warranty statements mentioned in the Quick Guide and is not bind to official statement made not elsewhere as the buyer only receives box, device, etc and Quick Guide. On the box it mentioned 32GB and under Insert SIM, memory card and battery, it goes further to state "use only compatible memory cards approved for use with this device ..." So I feel they got themselves covered.

64GB MicroSD card is working here, but I had to reformat it on a computer to FAT32 file system first. ExFAT file system which is standard for memory cards >32GB is not supported apparently.

Since then l've took delivery of a Toshiba 32GB SDHC "Exceria" and the phone does recognize it

I will try to reformat the SanDisk SDXC 64 A1, tell u results here


"64GB MicroSD card is working here,..."

This is interesting. Can I know the brand of your 64GB microSD card?

 Samsung "EVO plus"

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