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Who needs to move to give me VoLTE and VoWIFI?


I unpacked a 6.1 today (coming from 2 iPhone SEs) and am very disappointed. None of my SIM cards (Telekom and Vodafone from Germany) support VoLTE and VoWIFI in this phone! (It's a TA-1043) 

But both SIM cards offer VoLTE and the Telekom one also offers VoWIFI in my iPhones.

Who needs to act now in order to give me/us these missing features that are normal in iPhones and many other Android phones? I checked the support communities of the two operators and they claim that in Android, both things are only available if you buy the phone from the operator because it needs to have customized firmware! Is this true? Does anyone know? And if it's not true what could be the root cause? Remember, the SIM cards offer both functions in iPhones without problems...


We expected these features back in the last update. Prior to the May update we had VoLTE and VoWifi. Dial *#*#4636#*#* and you can see what is provisioned. No, you don't need customised firmware for those, but you do need customised firmware from the telco operator for RCS. You can tell if you have RCS fully operational or not by going to Android Messaging and looking to see if you have the 'Chat' option. If you don't have the Chat option, you don't have RCS. Oceania is the only region that RCS is currently well rolled out by telco companies. Would expect to see RCS rolled out by majority of telco companies within twelve to eighteen months. This is what RCS looks like:

I have a Nokia 6.1, TA-1043, last update 1. Juli 2018, german Vodafone SIM card with Wifi Calling and VoLTE. 

The phone do not show any wifi calling options in the settings and the feature is neither working nor indicated. When i put the same SIM card in a iphone 5s wifi calling is working and indicated.

What i have to do, to activate Wifi calling on my Nokia 6.1 ?

When i dial *#*#4636#*#* it says:

  • VoLTE is disabled (option can't be enabled)
  • WifiCalling is disabled (option can't be enabled)

RCS seems to work, Android Messaging  shows chat options in the settings menu (including WLAN options)

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