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What does android one really mean for getting timely updates? Is it more than marketing?


Today I unpacked and set up a 6.1. After updating it to the latest firmware I'm now on Android 8.1.0, security patch level of 1st June 2018. The phone is a TA-1043 by the way.

What brought me to this phone was mainly the promise of 3 years of timely security updates as in android one they would not be delayed by OEMs or operators. Is this really the idea? And why am I lagging on the security update then? Going by what other people wrote this isn't the first occurence and happens in other regions than Germany as well. It seems that Indians get preferential treatment month after month for some reason.

What can we expect in the future? That it continues this way? Or will it get better?


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Android One will improve its user interface as well as performance and OS Updates with Security Patches.Its Very Smooth Interface I am using Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB.

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