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Omg! I am facing screen burn issue in my nokia 8 please help

I see the marks of previously opened page on screen,it is showing only when the background was in gray colour, i cam see previously opened app marks on greay colourd background, what i want to do please help..

Buy a new phone and don't buy Nokia again. Many people have this problem. Nokia's support is non-existent. They just don't give a f*ck. Don't ever but Chinese phones again!

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Is there is no claim under warranty

In the UK when you buy something the onus is on the seller to honour any warranty claims, so even if HMD/Nokia went out of existence you would still be entitled to a repair or replaceable, do i take it this isn't the case elsewhere?

I have this problem too but now fixed you can claim the warranty and replace the new lcd for free, nokia need serious QA here
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